Distortion is a wonderful thing.

Continuing on  from my last blog,  I thought it may be useful to discuss the wonderful ability that our mind has to make things right.  This ability allows for our minds to make corrections to situations that it does not recognize without our necessarily being aware of it.  By right we are of course not talking about accurate, rather that it fits in with what we know to be.

Take for example someone being told that they “look good”. This may not be something that they necessarily believe about themselves. Consequently the information needs to be adjusted so as to make it fit with what they do believe. They need to distort the information and make the necessary adjustment so that it can be accepted by them is important if we are to maintain the status quo.

You may wonder why we simply do not accept the information as it was presented to us. Well if we do not have a reference point, if we do not understand what is being said, then we need to adjust it and make fit with what we do understand.  Distroting information is important if we are to function in our daily life without the need to analyze everything that is being said.

As an example of making things fit, you may or may not have noticed that in the previous sentence the word distort was misspelled (Distroting). This is to demonstrate this natural ability. There are numerous examples and over time I will include them where necessary to add clarity.  Distortion is a wonderful thing.  It makes life so much easier and the evidence more believable. At least believable to us.

There is however a downside. Once we have become accustomed to distorting information in a particular way, we are from then on predisposed to doing so until the end of time.  It becomes a sort of instinctive response to alter information to make it fit in with what we know to be.  This though can be an expensive luxury. On one hand distortion simplifies our need to know that what we know is right and therefore certain on the other it blinds us to other possibilities.

More to come…