Distortion changes reality.

It seems strange to say that for some people it is difficult to enjoy their life. It seems that the act of immersing oneself in pleasure is almost too difficult or perhaps even painful. If someone struggles for most of their life, what they learn to do and do well is ‘struggle’. The challenge for such a person is what to do when there is nothing wrong with a situation.

The solution is obvious. Take a situation that is pleasurable, search until the weakest element is found, distort the reality and sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of not allowing it to bring pleasure to you or anyone that you can influence. Wham-bam done in minutes.

As I mentioned before, distortion is a wonderful ability. It does allow for us to bend at one level, or bastardise at another, events so as to make them fit in with our predisposed ideas. It really does work well.

In the same way we can distort situations and make them appear more pleasurable than they are in reality. We may think of this  ability as being slightly dangerous and perhaps it is. The point is that we have the ability to distort reality to create a new reality that is more in keeping with the reality we are predisposed to expect and experience.

A woman who is paid a complement may not have a belief that she is worthy of complementary attention. She may in a matter of seconds hone in on the fact that the person giving the complement is her boss and quickly suggests to herself that he is only saying it to keep her working harder. The information received is distorted to suit her beliefs.

Ultimately we distort information to validate our beliefs. Distortion serves well to maintain the status-quo.  Solutions to distortion will follow in future blogs.