Words, Tones and Body-language distort with ease.

Having written about distortion in terms of language and words, I would like to bring to your attention how we can so easily distort (misinterpret) body language and tonality. Distorting information is part and parcel of maintaining our beliefs which are based on our past experiences.

If we are in conversation with a person who has difficulties in maintaining eye contact with us, we could be left with a sense of suspicion. We are likely to be seeking to understand what is the reason for them behaving in this way. We will be satisfied only when we satisfy our curiosity.

How we interpret the persons inability to make eye contact, is a matter of personal experience,  reasoning and urban myth. The probability is, we are likely to think that they have something to hide and that is why they can’t keep eye contact. (urban myth?) It can be so easy to misinterpret situations when we are so prone to making assumptions about what someones body language is telling us.

The probabilities as to why they struggle to keep eye contact are endless. In reality, however it is interpreted, the probabilities are that they would be wrong. Many people for instance find it difficult to eye ball someone on the basis that they can not deal with confrontation. For them, it is scary to keep eye contact in case it is misinterpreted as confrontational.

Consider, that this simple misinterpretation, can result in many people who may add value to your life, being excluded as a result of distorting visual information. Wow. The cost of distortion may be a lot higher than we might think. The cure to this is to stop and learn to challenge our assumptions. The speed at which our mind operates needs to be controlled so that information is more accurately assessed and reviewed.