About the author: Georges Philips

Georges Philips is a Change Architect, Hypno-analyst, Master hypnotist and Neuro Linguist specialist. He is also regarded as a leading authority on the subject of beliefs and belief restructuring. His coaching and training philosophy is that of “simplicity”. No jargons, just a pragmatic approach that is based on “practical usefulness”.

Georges Philips

Georges is available for one to one support as well as group development training for corporate clients. Today’s demands require that the stratergies we use are up to date. That they are practicaly useful and simply aplied. Simplicity underpins that this is about as up to date as it gets.

As an international keynote speaker, Georges invigorates his audience with a style that is authentic, thoroughly provocative and filled with intriguing. Most of all it is fun.

Despite being dyslexic, Georges has written several books ranging from Analytical Hypnotherapy and Belief Restructuring to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Stress Management.

Georges latest book with a forward by Edward de Bono is “Change Directions”.  It explains clearly what has stopped you from reaching your dreams and more importantly a proven method to make them possible.  Available from Amazon and on  Kindle and other e-publications.

The ONE Diet co authored with Simon Shawcross is now also available. Check it out on Amazon. It will open your eyes to what is happening to your mind and body that prevents you from being the real you.

Georges books are available from Amazon and other good book sellers.