Distortion deletes other possibilities?

The way we are able to function and the degree to which we are at ease with ourselves and the world we live in is largely dependant on our ability to distort information. The important question that needs to be asked is do we generally find that our mind is predisposed to distort for good or  bad?

Lets say that we are predisposed to seeing the glass half empty.  The reality of the glass being half empty, requires that we delete the possibility that it it could be half full and the implications of that mean that we are unlikely to experience the effects of the glass being half full.

You may think ” the glass is half empty so what’s the point in pretending that the glass is half full when it isn’t”.  An other might say “nonsense, the glass is half full and what’s the point in seeing it as half empty”.

The point is that which ever way our mind is pre disposed to seeing a situation determines the experience we have and the experience we are are likely not to have. Distortion is the fine mechanism that allows us to make things right as far as our beliefs are concerned. It allows for continuity of beliefs and as mentioned previously it ensures that the world we live in is stable. In reality the glass is neither half full nor half empty. It is a mixture of water and air. Do with it what you will.

For those who  experience life with pleasure, simply continue to do what you are doing. For others, whose life is not so, remember that you have the pleasure of being right. The talent is in the choices. Deciding to change how you experience life is not that easy and I can totally accept that for some the cost of doing so may not be worth the effort.

Changing directions in respect to how we experience life requires a will and determination to explore the possibility that there are other ways to experience life other than the way we have been predisposed to experience it.

If you decide to explore the possibility that there are other ways to experience life, you may want to start by deciding initially not to make decisions on the glass. It is neither half of this or that. It just is. You might decide not to accept that life is as bleak as your mind has decided to make it.

Step one requires that you start a training program that needs for you to teach your mind not to have to have an opinion on what you see. Things just are. It is a place that is nether happy nor sad. You may think of of it as “un-happy” or “un-sad”.

More to come