Distortion is a wonderful thing?

Continuing on the subject of distortion. It is not that we are incapable of seeing things differently, it is simply that we have the natural tendency of developing an attitude that facilitates the continuation of that attitude. The good news is that we can change a negative attitude if we desire to do so. It is important to explore our attitudes and review attitudes that cause discomfort.

For example as you read opportunityisnowhere you could read it in one of two ways. The first, opportunity is no where the second opportunity is now here. The choice as to which way to read it was always yours. The way you chose to read it would have required a degree of distortion – one way or another. You are likely to have read it in the way that most likely suited your predisposition. The way to reduce the possibility of negative interpretation is to slow the information enough to be able to correctly position it before accepting it.

A similar experience to someone playing the game Tetris. As the pieces come into play, if we fail to control where they land, we are going to run out of control fast. The objective is to slow the information and thereby prevent it from landing were it usually lands.

Information especially of a personal nature can travel so fast into our psyche that it can be difficult to change. Our objective is to change directions of the information and position it so that it can be better utilized or neutralized.

To be continued..