Change comes at a price that you may not want to pay?

Most of the people that I come into contact with want some things to be different. They want to change something. It is interesting how they express that desire in negative context. In other words they will tell you want is happening that is causing them stress and will tell you that they don’t want it any more.

You may have noticed something here. They are clear that they are not happy about the situation yet will not offer an alternative to the situation. They will not offer an alternative that requires them to do something. Mostly they do not want to do anything. They just want it different and they want it different NOW.

It’s all very well telling the word what you do not want but unless you design a new way forward, you will keep getting what you have always got. Telling your mind that you do not like something is not the same as telling your mind where you want to get to.

So what is going on that makes the obvious so difficult to perceive? There are a few things going on that make it harder for us to grasp the hand of the puppeteer and take control of our lives.

Imagine a girl friend who wants to loose weight. She may be a couple of sizes above her comfortable weight and says she wants to get rid of the excess weight. She continues to talk about her discontent over the weeks yet little action is taken to actually address the issue.

Little consideration may have been given to the fact that she would have to change her lifestyle in terms of her nutritional intake. She may have to quit meeting her friends at the coffee shop for her morning bagel. She might need to spend on new clothes. There is a lot of changes that will occur in her life as she transforms her shape.

Often it is the will to accomplish that is insufficient on the basis that the benefit is insufficiently motivating. It is worth the time to really see and expand and magnify the benefit for it to be worth while.

To be continued…