Changing direction is compelling for some and virtually imposible for others..

Change is not easy at best and virtually impossible at worst. Changing behaviours or situations is not designed to be easy.We are designed to find stability  and hold on to it;  In some cases, for dear life.

Change is about things not being the same. It is about having things happen one way and deciding to do them differently. It is about removing ourselves from one environment to another. Sound easy enough.

In reality we are creatures of  habit.  Our minds lust for stability whist resisting the pain created by boredom.  The though of changing circumstances to the degree that they become unknown is scary. The fear of separating from what we know and what we have built our reality around is for some terrifying.

So what happens when we seek change. When the discomfort of the known or predictable reaches heights that we can not cope with, we are likely to do something to stimulate excitation.  This can range from going on a holiday to something dramatic like starting an elicit relationship in the office. It is all about stimulating  the mind whist maintaining a stable environment.

The danger often lays in our inability to consider consequences and sequels.  We can be blinded by desperation which can result in some pretty dire consequences as I am fairly sure some readers would have experienced. The solution lays in designing a future that has sufficient stability whilst space for growth. New experiences that keep the anew and revitalised.

Change Directions is in many ways designed to facilitate such design. It is a way of relatively safely moving from one place to another with far less cause for anxiety or unnecessary worry. It is structured to help identify new values that satisfy current or future needs.