Could you win a BAFTA. Claire did it this way.

This is a great review that I thought could help those that doubt themselves and there abilities to succeed through change. Some years back I had the privilege of helping Claire Faragher review her vocational direction. Claire was the first person I assisted with setting a suitable objective. The following is her review of Change Directions and the process of setting new goals. Read and be inspired.

“Setting a goal and reaching it seems quite a simple concept. But how many of us do it within a recognisable and beneficial time-frame, without too much pain and loss in other areas of our life? I recommend you read Georges Philips’s book Change Directions as it could give you the impetus to change your life for the better. I set a personal goal 3/4 years ago with Georges and in 2011 I won a Bafta. It made me very happy! I’m hopeful that you, by reading this book, will hit one of your life goals too – sooner rather than later. Why delay?”

Claire Faragher

Director / Producer