Cultivate appreciation. Gratitude brings with it unimaginable pleasure.

Often we miss the opportunity to savour moments of joy, insight, pleasure, care and the like. These are missed opportunities to appreciate some of the simplest joys that life has to offer.

So what stops us from being able to enjoy these basic pleasures?  I  am often aware of a great deal of discontent existing with some people. If you think about it, we have most of our needs met. Most are wrapped up in warm clothing for the winter perhaps have a local place to go and have a drink with friends or a neighbour to pop in and share a smile or help out in some way.

It seems that these things mostly get taken for granted. It is as if they just exist and we have a right to them. It is interesting if you take a slightly different perspective. What if these things were to just vanish. One day you wake and you are without friends, no place to go, no one to visit and no one visiting. No one to help with medical needs, no one to assist when we are in need.

The joy that exists in most peoples lives may often become invisible to them.  Gratitude is often forgotten.  It seems that for some its all about chasing what they do not have. A constant push for more and more.  Only to find that once that has been obtained, a momentary climax of pleasure and off to the next. It can even be perceived as a moment of relief and not one of pleasure.

Some of the happiest clients I have worked with are the ones that do not necessarily have a lot of material possessions.  They do have a wealth of emotional fulfilment. They care for and about the people in their lives.  They share with others their success and   are cared for by friends and give of their time.

One person is driving in their car filled with contentment while the other is busy planning the next car. Nothing wrong with improving what we have, its when we are unable to extract pleasure from the accomplishment that our mind has achieved on our behalf.

To cultivate appreciation we need to look at how we perceive what we have. For some people it seems most pleasure is derived from the chase. In other words whilst what is sought continues not to be available we want it. Once gained its on to the next thing.  Others often want what they think having it will give them only to discover that it is not enough.

Reflect on what it is that really drives you. What are the benefits you most enjoy. Accept that those are the things that motivate you and start to look at other possibilities. This requires a  degree of curiosity. Take an interest in how things come to be. Explore the journey that something took to become what it is in front of you. Slow your thinking down. Take control by immersing yourself into something.

Music is a good place to start for some. Others might be cooking a meal. Slow down and learn to give time to things that you need to matter more to you.  The art is to learn to extract pleasure from as many things as possible.