Depressed, Angry, Frustrated, Resentful, Hateful, Outraged? Pick your poison

It is understandable why so many people have become depressed, angry, frustrated, resentful, hateful and even outraged at what is going on in the world today.  For sure we are in a time of change unlike no other. The great depression is about as close as we can get to to define the current situation.

It is as thought there is a huge rebalancing going on around the world that is filled with uncertainty and confusion. No one seems to  know what is going on yet everyone has an opinion about those leading us. Somehow the cacophony has blinded us of what is going on to real people and how their lives are being affected by the current climate. Suddenly what was certain is no more. We are surrounded by uncertainty and ambiguity.

We are living in a world of uncertainty and not much will happen to change that for a while. This is just on the basis that few have solutions and that for the most part the solutions have a cost that few are prepared to pay. The point here is that though we are in this situation, we need not lose our humanity. This is an opportunity to develop better relationships, to help someone less fortunate, to lighten the load for another fellow traveller. There is a need, more so now than ever, to do good. It is perhaps the solution in that we need to adapt to a new order.

It seems to me that not too long ago. 48 months or so, we were all too busy getting our needs met with little consideration to the effects that it was having on those around. So long as there was a profit, a salary and a bonus that was enough. Little time was spent creating new ways to generate wealth.

Start designing new ways to create good. Change is inevitable so we may as well design a way that .