Interview with Georges Philips

An interview with Georges Philips about the concept behind Change Directions.

In this podcast, Georges talk about his reasons for writing the book and why it is important for people to design a way forward if they are to accomplish their goals.

A little about Change Directions. A newly published book on how to change your thinking patterns to get what you want in your life has been translated into Spanish — and all for the reasonable price of just €11.99 for the physical and €7.99 for the e-book version of the book — which is aptly titled Change Directions — is endorsed by Edward Do Bono, pioneer of 40+ years lateral thinking. Change Directions can be purchased online.

It features 30 key questions to help you think through the change you are looking to make and includes some easy-to-use tools – for example how to weigh up your options of cost, time and how easy your goal is to achieve. These tools have been specifically developed for Spanish speakers and shares cultural examples to encourage change even in the face of these limitations.

This book is inspirational and optimistic and guaranteed to appeal to people of all ages. Whereas the book The Secret emphasized attracting what you want in life, Change Directions gives you the tools to actually achieve it. This includes visualization, iterative goal writing, and thinking front-to-back about the change you are going to make and how to get there.

Georges Philips, author of the book said: “My aim was to help people who really want to change but do not know how. I’ve shared some very simple steps to thinking about what you want to change in a way that gets you excited about making that change, rather than frightened. Our mind does not always like change and the tools in this book help you to break down the change elephant into bite size actions – and achieve your life goals.

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