Meditation is just another million year fad?

So often when you talk to people about meditation they look at you as though you are some  New Age geek  who has got nothing better to do that sit staring at space in a trance like state. Little thought is placed on exploring what it means to have a quite mind and more importantly the benefits we gain by meditating.

In a recent BBC report evidence has once more come to light to validate important benefits to our psyche. First and foremost, it is perhaps the most affective way to reduce stress and experience a feeling of calmness that is so essential if not critical  to our wellness and well-being.

Some years back I co authored My Little Book of Meditation which though small in size gave a clear understanding of meditation and the steps required to practice and accomplish a state of calm unlike no other.

The thing that had puzzled me in the past is that often people would have the need to travel thousands of miles to some far distant mountain top to learn to meditate. All this with the help of a local guru who is considered the meditation expert. There are rituals involved in some cases, special foods,  potions, herbal remedies, and even mind altering substances to purge the mind of impurities.

What can seem baffling is that most people miss the obvious. Meditation is simplicity of thought. Gallivanting around with great gestures dressed in robes  is far form what’s needed to meditate. Simplicity of thought is key. The difficulty I have found with this is that for most people the fact that it is relatively easy to do reduces the value for doing it. Who said that life was meant to be easy?

Well, who said it need be hard?  Meditation requires little to be activated. What is required is simply the dissolving of  thought-noise. It is taking control of what occurs in our mind and bringing quietness where cacophony occurs.

A little about MLB of Meditation

Most people are aware of meditation. You may have read about it, heard people talking about it or seen something on the television. So you are likely to have some knowledge of the subject.

This book is intended to give you that information in a way that is simple and easy to understand. We will also tell you how to meditate and what happens when you do. Let’s begin by answering some basic questions.