OMG – OMG – OMG – If I say it three times it will come true?

So how does it work? Absurd magical beliefs (A-M-B) have been with us for as long as we have been conscious. They are designed to reduce the stress and tension that otherwise might overwhelm our being and possibly cause damage to our neural network.

The rabbits foot, works miracles for millions of people.  Just the fact that it is on their person is enough to bring calm to their anxiety. It really is simple. There is a natural ability in human beings to believe that by holding something, doing something or saying something in a particular way, something good will happen or something bad wont happen.

You may recall during childhood going to great lengths to avoiding stepping on the cracks in the pavement or balancing on a garden wall. Starting at one end and walking along it; and if there was a fall, start all over again. It might have felt like your life depended on it, at the time. There are numerous habits that we could have had through our childhood. Though different actions all designed for a similar purpose.

Later in life these childhood traits mostly fade away. They tend to be forgotten and other forms of  distraction develop. For some people it might be television, for others it could be some gaming activity that distracts them from the reality that they are imagining. It can become an irritation for some when they are doing something knowing that they do not want to do it yet feel compelled to do it.  A person might need to  turn the light switch on and off three times before they know that the light is off. Another has to go and check the car doors 4 times before they can walk away. Horses for courses.

Some people have to wear a particular necklace and almost panic if for some reason they are not feeling it around their neck.  Some will never sit an exams without their lucky pen.  It really can vary from one activity to another. The point is though that for a while belief in the real world is suspended.  Then we are in the realms of the magical belief.

It is normal and natural to look for escape when we are experiencing fear. The way we deal with it in childhood can be very different to the way we need to deal with it in adulthood.  In childhood we hold onto our teddy bear believing that Teddy would look after us when we slept.  I might suggest a degree of concern if this was over used.

It seems to me that sometimes and unknowingly we are sabotaging our minds ability to find solutions.  This might have not been so easy in childhood, on the basis that we had not had much life experience.  As adults though, it is reasonable to expect your mind to find solutions that neutralise most unpleasantness/fearful situations. We simply need to seek solutions to threatening situations whether real of imagined.

Depending on a rabbits foot to bring luck to a situation is a little risky. It all depends on how important the outcome is. Lookout for A-M-B occurring. Notice what the situations are and the feelings causing the need to escape. Look for solutions that are pragmatic. Change directions. If you need to have belief in something, make sure it involves your mind. It is a powerful instrument that can cause miracles.