Scream, shout, kick, yell and yet things stay the same.

It is sometimes the most obvious things that can go unnoticed.  We get ourselves into situations without realising that the situations were of our own making and likely to be caused by thoughtlessness,  miscommunication, same-old thinking and perhaps even wishful thinking.

It seems that often we want things to be different, yet we keep repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same outcomes.  We can even think that if we do what we always do and this time do it with more gusto, that somehow we will have a different outcome.

It really does not matter how much louder we shout that we do not like this or that, the message has been received many times by the listener and the response will most like remain unchanged.

A person attempting to get a job as a journalist without having learnt the skills required will most likely be waiting for a long time to be offered a position.  They would have to learn new skills, develop better abilities  and then they might stand a chance of getting to the next level.

A footballer in the third league can remain frustrated that his applications for a transfer to the top league are being constantly rejected. They can even feel indignant that they are not accepted. They keep pushing everyone around  them to do more. They rant and rave and accuse the world of conspiring against them.

The possibility that they are not perceived as competent does not enter their mind. A long and frustrating life of never being able to achieve what they set out to do.

Doing more of the same and expecting things to change is illogical. Yet many perpetuate this attitude. Think, act, then change.

Pause, consider the attitude that you have adopted.  Has grandiosity got the better of you? Do you suffer from a sensitive ego?  Are you blinded by your own reflection to the point that you can not see that the world has enough for everyone and it is just a matter of being adaptable to the circumstances that unfold before you.

Do take time to explore the possibility that there are repeating patterns of behaviour that are not serving your best interest. Taking the time to challenge them, may not be easy yet not exploring them, and not seeking to do things differently might result in years of unnecessary frustration.