Some people “fake it to make it” and remain a fake. Sincerity comes at a cost of leaving ourselves open to the elements.

Neuro Linguistic Change Architect

The phrase “fake it till you make it” is not something I wholeheartedly believe. It seems to me that those who think that just by faking being someone they are are not or having an ability that they do not have, somehow, miraculously, it just manifests.

I spend time observing people and often just absorb their energy. By energy I am not talking about some spiritual happening,  rather what my senses are picking up, what my emotions are telling me. It’s a gut thing for some, its a smell for another and some it leaves a good or bad taste in their mouth.

It is the thing that for most of us is illogical. We can sense that someone is fake yet our eyes are showing us something else. Our logic keeps finding justifications and excuses and yet, what can be odd, is that the struggle to define it often keeps us attached. Just look at the way politicians are able to pass most of our filter systems. They tell us what we want to hear, they talk like they know what they are doing, they appear on all the right TV stations and are quoted in the tabloids. What a recipe for deception.

Yet here they are “faking it till they make it”. Once there the myth will out. By then its too late for us. Most of the time I see people being themselves, honest, hard working, caring and supportive of their fellow man. Sincerity and fake sincerity are easily confused. There are those that will play on our inability to express what we know, yet unable to justify with evidence. They consciously or otherwise sense that we are awkward in expressing and feel the discomfort in others as painful. So we choose to say nothing and avoid them getting embarrassed.

Lets experiment with the following. The link will take you to the BBC website (click here) and you will watch a video of a politician. Just note if what you see and the words you are being told are the same as what your feeling (senses) are telling you. No need to justify. Just observe and sense what you sense. I would love to read your observations. The point is this. We often tend not to consider our intuition. It is a powerful tool and one that needs to be explored and developed. No need to justify, just accept it as another source of information. So how does “fake it till you make it” work best. It is all about about “faking” an interest in what you are doing. Not so much faking being a person you are not. It is suspending your disbelief that you are incapable of being the person you dream of being. It is all about not critiquing your attempts and continuing to be curious and intrigued. This needs to be evidenced in your behaviour, your words and actions. You truly need to be faking curiosity until you no longer need to, because you are curious.