Stress. What has all this got to do with hair loss?

Continuing on from my last blog.

What has all this got to do with hair loss?  Well, if we can understand how our body is affected by stress, we can easily understand how hair loss can also be attributed to stress.  After all, hair growth is just another one of the functions that our bodily systems carry out.  When these systems become affected by stress, they may not be able to function as well as they used to, and over a prolonged period of time, stress may even cause these systems to cease working completely.

For those of us who spend little if any time pondering on our hair growth this is not a problem.  We may have other things that concern us which in turn cause us worry which in turn causes harmful stress.

The person suffering from reduced hair growth or increased hair loss, may be effected in a number of ways. Anywhere from just another worry to add to their troubles to compulsive or obsessive behaviours around hair loss .

It can start from a throw away remark that a friend or wife / girlfriend  makes such as “ is your hair thinning out?”   They begin to look for hair loss.   They notice the loss of their hair almost certainly before anyone else does, and become so anxious and worried about this, that this in turn causes more distress for them.  It become a vicious circle.  Not only are they losing hair, but the actual distress this causes them, makes the situation worse. For example even when watching TV, video or film looking at photographs, the pleasure is removed and we find we compare ourselves to others.   So the more we dwell upon hair loss the more we notice hair loss.

Even to the point of looking on clothing and pillow cases comb’s and
hairbrushes for proof that they are in fact loosing their hair.

It is like a self fulfilling prophecy, the more concerned they become about it and the more time they spend thinking about it, the more they attract that which they fear.  The sufferer can transfer this fear into anger at oneself or others or can become a workaholic as a way of proving manhood or womanhood or a recluse never wanting to go out unless absolutely necessary.

The more the mind dwells upon an idea the more the idea becomes our reality.

The effect on ones confidence can be so detrimental that at work, one can feel inferior to others, resulting in stress and affecting their performance.  The affects on someone who needs to make a presentation can result in anxiety or a full blown panic attack.  It could even lead to a person forgoing promotion and even resigning from their employment in the event of being put in a position that is likely to embarrass them.

Socially it can result in being the brunt end of jokes by so called
friends who in turn are projecting their fear of hair loss.

In relationships this can lead to settling for someone who will not reject them because of their hair loss settling for someone purely on the basis cosmetic acceptance.  Never approaching an attractive woman because they fear they will be rejected.

Most women in our survey do not look to go out with someone
who is likely to be by appearance a social reject.

If nothing is done to interrupt this pattern of events, the person will undergo a number of changes in character, becoming sensitive to any comments made about hair and fearing others will notice what they have already seen.

Hair extensions, even shaving off the head hair as a way of not being recognised as someone who is loosing their hair. Hair thickening lotions add to the perceived solutions.

They may avoid contact with colleagues or friends altogether for fear of being ridiculed and embarrassed, and any suggestions made, no matter how helpful, are likely to be shunned in a defensive manner.  Some sufferers may decide to wear hats or toupees in an effort to try and mask hair loss. Their self confidence and self esteem begin to waver as the situation continues, making them more prone to stress, and thereby making matters worse and causing more hair loss.

What can we do to help these people?  Well, there are already a number of remedies on the market which can help to rejuvenate hair growth and stop further hair loss, and although these work very well for some people, there seems to be an aversion to introducing chemicals into the body.

There are still those for who this does not provide the ultimate solution.  It is with regard to these people, that we should perhaps be looking at a deeper level, dealing with the issues and problems that cause the stress in the first place.  The solution seems to me that the client suffering with hair loss has few natural choices. These must include a perceptual shift in the client.  That is to say that the end result, must be that they no longer see themselves inferior to anybody with a full head of hair.

Stress management and Neuro Linguistic Programming can help

Those taking proactive steps  almost certainly feel a sense of relief and a new-found confidence, knowing that they can not only cope but actually increase the quality of their lives.  This can only help in improving the functioning of the bodily systems and may have the result of reversing hair loss and actually encouraging hair growth.

Some solutions next week