The season of goodwill? Who would have thought this would happen! What? an opportunity!

 Change your life

Doing good feels good.

We have an opportunity to show our resilience. We are at a time where uncertainty is everywhere. The levels of fear have increased immeasurably and people are starting to lose faith in their abilities to get past these ferociously hard times. It is about surviving and survival has been what we as humans have done for millennia.

Sometimes though we need a little help and support. There are those who survived World War II only because someone risked their life by sharing shelter and food and protected the very vulnerable. That is what it is to be human. To give hope, help and support to those not able to fend for themselves through difficult times.

It need not be a big thing, it can be just a phone call to chat, it could be giving a small gift or a box of food. It really need not be a big thing. What matters is that it is something. That for me is the difference that makes a difference. A kind word could be enough to give someone the courage they need to carry on.

This is an opportunity. You might wonder how it is so. Well, the way I see it is this: It is easy to be magnanimous when all is well and few need anything because they have their needs met. At those times it is almost too easy. It counts more is when it is not so easy. When times are tough and the situation is difficult. That’s when we have an opportunity to show greatness.

Even better, you could send a little something to someone without them knowing it’s you. Can you imagine what this may do and may continue to do for that person. they will spend days if not years trying to work out who cared enough to do such a wonderful thing. That is a way of doing good.