Thinking about change is not enough.

So many of the people I meet and treat are trapped by a simple yet illusive misconception; that thinking about change is enough. Whist thinking about change is admirable there is no substitute for action.

Often I hear about what people are going to do. The thing where attention needs to be focused is the action that people take and the steps that follow. So many people squander time with wishful thinking and revelling in hyper-realism.

The steps for bringing about change are clearly defined in Change Directions: Perceive it, Believe it, Achieve it where it describes some of the pitfalls that exist to prevent us for making any significant changes to their lives.

Fear predominately plays its part. It is the thing that often paralyses individuals and sends them into a state of panic. They do not lack reassons for not taking action. They tend to have developed an amazing defence mechanism to justify thier lack of movement.

In The ONE Diet; a book I have co-authored with Simon Shawcross, we discuss nutrition and exercise as well as the psychology of weight loss. An interesting point that we cover is how those seeking to make a significant adjustment to their shape have a tendency to pick solutions that are doomed from the start. They might also select approaches that do not require them doing anything other than take the pill that fixes everything.

In essence, individuals seeking to create change need to also seek and take the steps toward that change. This can be helped by acknowledging that there will be a degree of fear. Change has a tendency of being scary. So its scary, so what.

More on the way….