Without thought feelings are a tyranny.

We are often trapped by feelings that seem to just happen. Feelings such as guilt, fear and a whole lot more. We seem to accept these negative experiences by default and rarely examine our perception to explore how it is that we are having these feeling. We rarely analyse our interpretation of the events that mould our experience. We just land up feeling what we feel. We are trapped into a feeling within a blink of an eye.

Crazy to think that we can choose to see most things in a number of ways yet accept the first one that comes to mind and stop there. Admittedly it is not always easy to take a break and think about what we are allowing ourselves to experience.

The speed that we take information in, match it to our past experiences and create an emotion that we then experience is fast. Very fast. So fast that we mostly are unconscious of it even happening .  All is well when it comes to having great  emotional experiences.  Not so good when we are tormented by painful emotions.

The process of translating experiences through our senses  into emotions that validate our experience is necessary and vital. Without this ability we are left in a state of confusion  and in some cases panic.  We need to work out what is happening in our world and give meaning to it; not having meaning causes such a high degree of anxiety that our mind so desperately seeks to avoid.

The solution for our minds to avoid the unknown is to instantly seek to extract meaning from any situation. So the problem of the unknown is resolved. The faster the pattern recognition the less uncertainty exists the more stable our world becomes.  This is the point at which another problem may be created.

The mind recognises a situation and dispenses the emotion that is relevant to that situation based on past interpretations of similar experiences.  All is well when the emotional experience is a pleasant one at best or neutral at worst.

Where an interpretation has been experienced as painful, we rarely stop and review the information to extract the sequence of the event and seek to perceive the situation from multiple perspectives.

An example could be that of someone applying for work.  Each time they apply they go to an interview and are rejected.  They are hurt and disappointed that they have yet again been rejected.  What they may not do is examine their preparedness or their appearance, they might not have sufficient knowledge for the position they are applying for, nor the social interactive skills to communicate their knowledge. They may have absolutly no dress sense. They simply take the rejection letter, add it to pile of past rejections and feel terrible that they have yet again been rejected.

If you where to need a spanner to undo a bolt and you choose the wrong spanner size, there is no point taking it out on the spanner. The spanner is simply not suitable for that task. Simply replace the spanner with the one that will do the job.

A man or woman seeking a relationship may be struggling to find one.  Each time they go out they keep asking the same type of girl and receive the same rejection.  Perhaps they have not understood that the ladies in this place seek men who are only interested in a good time.  No more than that. They have not grasped that its a location where there is a large congregation of  married women.

The problem here is that the individual is in the wrong location. Perhaps better to join a trekking group for singles.

We need to explore more possibilities by thinking about the situation from as many perspectives as possible and selecting the one that minimises discomfort.

As always the talent is in the choices.