Wonderful news for the Spanish Speakers. They too can now CHANGE

Finally and with the help of Dra. Maria Micaela Molina Navarro, I have been able to bring the power of Change Directions to the Spanish readers. It has been a tough journey as you can imagine. The translation is perfect and I believe many readers will appreciate how easy -a- read it is.

Here it is


As you may be aware Spanish is one of the top 5 languages world wide (see article) and I would love to find a philanthropist who could and would be able to translate the book into RussianPortuguese or Mandarin. Would also love to see it in Arabic and French.

Also, I would appreciate  hearing from any of you Spanish speakers who have read the book and completed the process. It is simply profound. If I were a betting man, I might bet that if you followed the process the chances of accomplishing your goal would be better than 95%. Have a go and let me know how you did it.



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