You only have what you give. Time to do good. Inspire someone today…do some good.

You only have what you give. Just think about what that really means. Some people can get a little confused about the philosophy underpinning the statement. Here is an explanation that might help those who do not fully understand the importance of this. It is all about belief in yourself and your abilities.

What ever you do you are teaching your mind something about you. Not only teaching, also reaffirming existing beliefs. It is not enough to just say that you are a good person and sit back and do nothing unless you believe that that is what being good is and that what good people do is to sit back and do nothing.

This does not mean you are going to bankrupt yourself by giving away everything you have. You can give of your time and of your wealth though most importantly it is to give of your kindness and care that seems to bring the greatest rewards. In order to give wealth you must have wealth. If you teach your mind to give, it needs to believe that you have. The more you give the more you need to have to give. It is simple yet almost unbelievable that it can work in this way. Things happen in the most unexpected ways in life.

Sometimes just when you least expect it something amazing happens. It is your mind learning and then manifesting. There are many books that talk about energies and cosmic spirits at work. The reality is just as impressive. It is your mind and in particular your beliefs that make things happen. Show kindness, and so long as it is sincere, before long, things are happening for you that come from a place of kindness.

Do not underestimate your beliefs. They can be changed only if you are prepared to change your behaviour and attitudes. There was a film some time back called ‘Pay it forward‘ lovely film that related to giving in advance. I would just add that if you give to get, you will also receive conditionally. Be mind, be caring, be considerate, be giving, show appreciation and see what you learn.