From the readers of Change Directions

“Thinking is a skill that doesn’t just happen. It has to be practised to de effective. Effective thinking is a key ingredient tin dealing with change and determining direction. This book will enhance and develop the ways we can all change directions – enjoy and prosper.”, Nigel Newman, Group Managing Director


“This book makes winners!”, Rishi Persad, BBC Television Sports Presenter


“I really enjoyed reading this book. Georges Philips has a really good way of describing the process of preparing for change AND he won’t let you get away with excuses why you can’t get there. If you read this book, you’ll have an excellent manual that helps you get past the pitfalls of self-pity, disorganised thinking and sheer laziness!Once you have taken on board Georges’ messages and re-thinking strategies, it becames considerably easier to make the necessary changes in your life. A great book and highly recommended!”, Vera Peiffer, founder of The Peiffer Foundation


“I read this and as I turned the pages, I felt it was literally written for me, personally! I appreciated the short chapters and strong messages that I absorbed in a realistic way. The language was easy to follow and it related to ‘every day life’ which helped me to make those necessary changes. Safe to say, I had lost my ‘mojo’ and this book turned me around and made me focused and positive again. The goal setting section is excellent. My wife is now also totally absorbed. Great book Georges. 10/10.”, Hugh Preece, Motivational Speaker


“Setting a goal and reaching it seems quite a simple concept. But how many of us do it within a recognisable and beneficial timeframe, without too much pain and loss in other areas of our life? I recommend you read Georges Philips’s book Change Directions as it could give you the impetus to change your life for the better. I set a personal goal 3/4 years ago with Georges and in 2011 I won a Bafta. It made me very happy! I’m hopeful that you, by reading this book, will hit one of your life goals too – sooner rather than later. Why delay?”, Claire Faragher, TV producer