Distortion is a wonderful thing – continued.

Continuing on the subject of distortion. This wonderful ability allows for information to be reshaped to fit in with the way that our mind recognizes situations. On the plus side if we are predisposed to see things as good, then the likelihood is that even when things are not so good, we can somehow bend them to appear to be good.

Distortion can be very damaging if we are prone to see things on the dark side.   A girl who is going out for the night asks their friend how they look. The friend responds “not bad”. They hear “not good”.  An office manager is told that their work is satisfactory. They hear this as “good”. We all have a natural tendency to extract meaning to validate our beliefs.

Not so bad if our beliefs are constructive and life enhancing. Where difficulties may arise is when the tendency is to mar what is good. This automated interpretation is often rooted in childhood experiences and becomes woven into our daily life.

Distortion though can be adjusted to some degree. This requires our attention and focus. This is something that needs energy and is a little like someone who has become accustomed to typing with two fingers reaching a top speed of 60 words per minute. They may discover that others can type at speeds of 120 words per minute and want to be able to do the same.

In order for this to happen, they would need to forego the use of their two finger typing and start all over again using all their fingers. Once they start to do so, their speed may initially reduce. Once they start using all their fingers their speed begins to increase and will most likely exceed their previous best considerably.

In the same we need to slow down the process by which we make assumptions and review information carefully before we accept it. The speed at which assumptions are made is variable though in many ways it seems instinctive .  Often where a pattern has embedded itself into our psyche and developed deep roots, we need to exert an attitude that allows us to challenge any negative interpretation.

to be continued…