Perception can change

Perception is what the mind does with what is presented to it. Once “something” is perceived, an attitude develops that predisposes us to continue seeing that “thing” in the same way. The mind preserves its perception through a process of distortion, deletion and generalisation.

So what needs to happen for us perceive a thing differently and why bother to see it differently anyway? There is no reason to change your attitude about anything, if it serves you. On the other hand it would be useful to be able see (perceive) something differently if it causes distress or discomfort.

Changing how we experience something requires that we perceive it differently. Yet if we have become accustomed to perceive a thing one way, we are unlikely to change it if we do not challenge its origin. The process requires that we stop and explore how it is we see it the way we do whist exploring other ways of interpreting the event.

Not jumping to conclusions, allows us time to consider other perspectives. Exploring the usefulness of our opinion and exposing other possibilities. ( CAF ) Consider all factors, explore the ( C & S ) consequences and sequel in adopting alternative perspectives. Seek out the values that are extracted and ask yourself if it is enough. If not, then explore the best position to adopt to be able to gain a better value.

What can help and perhaps is required is to instil an attitude of curiosity. What if it is not the only way to see this? Perhaps it is not the best way to see it?  What if my eyes and ears deceive me? (Yes they can.) We are more than able to distort what is being heard. Just as we are more than capable to delete what we hear and see. More to come…